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Community PowerAt the end of October, three individuals were arrested in Croydon. Two Hungarian men and one British woman were charged after a UK Border Agency-led inquiry. They were accused of trafficking young women into the UK from Hungary. 


After reading the news, I was shocked for hours. Maybe because I’m Hungarian and the news affected me personally.



I have heard that women and girls are often trafficked from poor Hungarian villages, normally from the Eastern part of the country. Having spoken to Hungarian anti-trafficking charities, such as MONA (, who are a small team of women dedicated to end trafficking, I was told that poverty has driven many vulnerable people to become victims of trafficking. This time the destination was Croydon.



The shocking thing about this case for me was that the three traffickers ran an internet café, called CyberSpace on Surrey Street. If you live in Croydon, you will know that this café was operating on one of the busiest, most central parts of Croydon. I’m sure that I have passed it many times. I would have never have suspected that the same shop was probably set up to launder dirty money originated from profits that these men gained from forcing women into prostitution.



According to Peter Cox, Chairman of CCAT, there has been a 60 % reduction in the number of brothels, “massage parlours” and other “dubious establishments” in Croydon since the start of an anti-trafficking campaign in the borough six years ago.



Let’s hope that with the help of joint operations and efforts from all of us; criminal activities such as this one will reduce even further in the future.


I am emphasising US, concerned citizens, who are also key to reach success. Simply because we are the ones who live next to brothels, we are the ones who might witness incidents that noone else does and we are the ones who find dubious advertisements about brothels in our local newspapers. As a community, we have the power and the responsibility to help.


Source :  CCAT

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