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What We’ve Achieved

We are proud of what we have achieved as an organisation in the last decade, and, with your help we can continue to do more. So far, important highlights in our campaigning include the following events:

  • Presented in the House of Commons and at Conferences in Europe how CCAT through its volunteers achieves community action
  • Regularly obtain information on local illegal establishments where trafficking is suspected and helped achieve a reduction from over 100 in 2007 to around 45 in 2011
  • Quarterly meeting with the local Police where Information and Data is provided and reviewed for action
  • Successfully campaigned to stop advertising of sex establishments, dubious saunas, massage parlours and nail bars in Newsquest Group newspapers across UK including The Croydon Guardian
  • Chosen as Croydon’s Champion Charity in 2011
  • Held a number of planned events that have raised awareness with the public and ensured that preventing trafficking remains high on the authorities’ agenda
  • Part of working group (including local council, UKBA and police) contributing to the introduction of the National Referral Mechanism in anticipation of the London Olympics 2012
  • Regularly asked to talk to community groups across UK to help them understand the issues about trafficking and to help them with some simple actions
  • Continue to go into local schools to talk to 15 to 17 year olds about modern day slavery including trafficking
  • Led and co-ordinated local policy makers and decision makers to put trafficking higher on their agendas and to work closer together

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    CCAT is a voluntary coalition of people from all walks of life who work to raise awareness about human trafficking, oppression, and the enslavement of people, that exists in our own community. We work with local, regional and national agencies and seek to respect human rights at all times. READ MORE...


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    There are many ways people contribute to our organisation, whether part of the community or through networks of other organisations or charities. We have a growing membership database of members in Croydon, and we regularly hold events throughout the year organised and sponsored by our volunteers.
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