About Us

Croydon Community Against Trafficking are leading innovative changes

Highlighting and fighting exploitation in all it’s forms

We are Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT), a grassroots charity that was formed in 2008 and incorporated in 2011. We have a long history in campaigning against human trafficking and  continue to highlight and fight exploitation in all its forms today and into the future.

Since the pandemic we have been working even harder to highlight exploitation. As so much had changed, we commissioned research in 2022 to better understand the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking landscape in Croydon.

As a result, in 2023, we have successfully been able to focus our efforts on raising awareness through two key areas: firstly our robust awareness raising workshops and secondly through establishing the first Croydon-wide Multi-Agency Steering Group.

We are taking this work further by developing the Slavery Free Croydon project as a key part of the future of Croydon for 2024 and beyond.

Our key aims are:

  • To raise awareness of the horrors of human trafficking
  • To stimulate effective action through cooperation in order to stop trafficking and equip communities to report modern slavery crimes
  • To work with other agencies to liberate, protect and support trafficked people who have been, or are at risk of being exploited
  • To assist in the disruption of the activities of human traffickers who profit from their illegal trade
  • To help reduce the use of commercial services in Croydon and other local communities if there is an indication of trafficked people being exploited.

We are achieving our key aims in two ways:

  1. Awareness Workshops on ‘How To Spot The Signs’ of Modern Slavery 

Building on our strong awareness raising history we are delivering 1-hour Modern Slavery Awareness workshops. We provide specialist FREE training sessions on modern slavery to community groups, local charities, forums, universities and businesses. We also provide specialist training on child trafficking to professionals. We provide talks at Churches, other places of worship and local network groups. We have successfully done so for 15 years and have helped raises awareness to thousands of people in London to date. Bespoke sessions are available on request.

These workshops cover how to spot the signs, and report safely for all concerned.

Our Workshops are currently free thanks to our generous funders, and are led by our amazing volunteers. Book your workshop on our dedicated Workshops and Events page.

  1. Creating Croydon’s first-ever Multi-Agency Steering Group 

Leading the way, CCAT are co-ordinating, connecting and collaborating with our local communities.

We were grateful to be awarded funding to establish and embed the first ever Croydon-wide multi-agency steering group (MASG) which was launched 31st July 2023.

Multi-agency collaboration between the public, private and third sectors is key to ensuring a Slavery Free Croydon. Our Steering Group aims to establish Croydon as a slavery-free borough over the four years 2023 -2027. We aim to co-ordinate a forum to take action on issues such as:

  • Safeguarding
  • Supply chains
  • Labour exploitation
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Criminal exploitation
  • Trafficked children
  • Organ harvesting

We aim to have every voice heard, if you feel your organisation or your personal skills would be suited as a member of MASG, please see our dedicated page and keep an eye on the progress we are making. Your organisation could be part of the change we so need in Croydon.

What’s next for CCAT?

Establishing Slavery Free Croydon for future sustainability

Slavery Free Croydon is a natural progression of CCAT’s work. Our mission is to create a Slavery Free Croydon by highlighting and fighting exploitation in Croydon. We aim to further inspire our local community to understand the injustices of Modern Slavery (MS) and create a certification that can be displayed in businesses, places of worship, schools, community groups (and others) to show that they have committed to making Croydon slavery free.

Research and planning for the future sustainability of Slavery Free Croydon begins in earnest in 2024. We welcome volunteers to help with marketing, research, admnistration and workshop delivery. Your support will help us co-produce the solutions needed for Croydon and ensure future sustainability.

If you feel inspired to help, please visit our Volunteering and/or Donate pages, together we can create a safer future and put an end to exploitation.

Fundraise for us

We’ve had supporters run, swim, climb and sing for us to raise money. Please send some suggestions and we’ll do our best to support you!

We’d welcome support in whatever form you can give.

Our Impact

We are proud of what we have achieved as an organisation, and, with your help we can continue to do more. So far, important highlights in our campaigning include:

  • Launched Slavery Free Croydon Project in June 2023
  • Re-launched Modern Slavery Awareness Workshops in September 2023
  • Launched first ever Croydon-wide Multi-Agency Steering Group in July 2023 comprising several local community groups, police, community engagement leads, faith groups, local councillors and concerned residents. Co-ordinating local policy makers and decision makers to put trafficking higher on their agendas and to work closer together
  • Research showing changes in local Croydon Modern Slavery landscape outcomes continue to be implemented
  • Invited to attend conferences both within the UK and Internationally
  • Social Media Campaign Collaboration with Stop The Traffik
  • CCAT Volunteer-led video designed, produced and available for local comunities
  • Presented in the House of Commons and at Conferences in Europe how CCAT through its volunteers achieves community action
  • Successfully campaigned to stop advertising of sex establishments, dubious saunas, massage parlours and nail bars in Newsquest Group newspapers across UK including The Croydon Guardian
  • Previously chosen as Croydon’s Champion Charity
  • Held a number of planned events that have raised awareness with the public and ensured that preventing trafficking remains high on the authorities’ agenda
  • Regularly asked to talk to community groups across UK to help them understand the issues about trafficking and to help them with some simple actions
  • Led and co-ordinated local policy makers and decision makers to put trafficking higher on their agendas and to work closer together