Anti-slavery commissioner requests public to spot the signs


The London Evening Standard reported a statement made by Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-slavery commissioner, in which he requested the public to help the police uncover brothels and flats used for prostitution. He said that people are often aware of these places set up on residential streets, and they can contact the police, or the local authority, or one of the non-government organisations, or the modern slavery helpline.

He said more than 3,000 potential slavery victims had been identified nationwide last year and numbers were still rising. As well as in the sex industry, others are being used as domestic servants or as forced labour in factories, building sites, car washes or other locations.

He also urged ministers to eject foreign diplomats found to be keeping staff in slave conditions and to implement reforms intended to make it easier for victims to escape abusive employers.

There have been 189 slavery prosecutions since the Modern Slavery Act came into effect and a 40 per cent rise in victims referred for support.

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My Hyland’s comments are directly in line with the strategy CCAT has been adopting for some time now in the Croydon area, and will move to promote this nationwide.