Reporting Modern Slavery is vitally important if we are going to end it. You can read our simple guide to ‘Spot the Signs’ by clicking here.

Official guidance has also been provided by the Government on how to report modern slavery. Official Government Guidance – How to report modern slavery

It defines modern slavery, and states that a person is trafficked if they are brought to (or moved around) a country by others who threaten, frighten, hurt and force them to do work or other things they don’t want to do.

The National Referral Mechanism is used to identify and provide support to victims with help from the Salvation Army. The rights of victims are listed in the guidance; these include the right to independent emotional, medical and practical help.

For more information or to report a case of modern slavery you can call the helpline 0800 0121 700 or report it online on the modern slavery helpline website.