Slavery Free Croydon

A bit about Slavery Free Croydon project

Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) continues to take an innovative approach to keep our community safe. Following the global pandemic, the current cost of living and cost of doing business crises, CCAT have understood the need to bring our community together, close knowledge gaps, and cutting offenders efforts off at the knees.

Our mission is to create a Slavery Free Croydon by highlighting and fighting exploitation in Croydon. We aim to inspire our local community to understand the injustices of Modern Slavery (MS) and create a certification that can be displayed in businesses, places of worship, schools, community groups etc to show that they have committed to making Croydon slavery free.

In 2021 we commissioned some research to help understand the current landscape of MS and Anti-trafficking within the Croydon area. Two key themes emerged: continuining our strong awareness raising programme and establishing Croydon’s first Multi-agency steering group.

Throughout 2022 we laid the foundations for the project and in 2023 we were successful in raising some funds to launch Slavery Free Croydon. This is the start of the journey and we know from past experieince working collaboratively is the key to moving forward in 2024 and beyond.

We need your help to highlight and fight exploitation and make Croydon slavery-free.

Find out more about being part of the Croydon-wide Multi-Agency Steering Group by contacting us or booking onto our next meeting.

Slavery Free Croydon project is funded by The National Lottery Comunity Fund.