What Men Can Do


Like it or not, men are a big part of the problem. If there wasn’t a demand for sexual exploitation in our communities, there wouldn’t be women trafficked into the brothels.  UK Figures now suggest that 1 in 10 men will pay for sex

Who Pays for Sex?

One in 10 men has used a prostitute

The men paying for sex are not ‘dead-beats’. They are, on average, in their 30’s, married and have a mortgage. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

We believe that sex with a trafficked woman is rape. If you are someone that uses women in brothels for sex in Croydon, you could be convicted of rape and spend time in prison. But aside from that, try to think about the human being that you are paying to exploit.  You may have chosen her, but she definitely didn’t choose you. Trafficked women and girls are lured from their homes, often in poorer countries, with the promise of a better life. They are kept as slaves, many are not allowed to leave their brothel prisons and are intimidated with violence and fear. The people that traffick them see them not as women and human beings, but as an object to exploit time and again.

Coerced and trafficked women in prostitution: know the signs

  1. The women is a foreign national.
  2. She appears to be unhappy and unwilling to perform sexual acts.
  3. She is frightened or in physical pain.
  4. The women sees a large number of clients each day/night.
  5. She is able to keep little, or none, of the money she receives from clients.
  6. ‘Special’ services are offered including unprotected sex, often at a low price.
  7. She doesn’t smile and is reluctant to cooperate.
  8. Food is paid for by another person.
  9. She has little or no time off.
  10. She may only know how to say sex-related words in English.

Contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111: and tell them about what you suspect or know about women who may be trapped or guys that may be raping trafficked women. This is a confidential and anonymous hotline.