What Women Can Do

It’s true that men are a big part of the problem. Their demand for sex means the supply of women for exploitation continues to increase. But as a woman you still have a big part to play.


You can help speak out on behalf of other women who are enslaved right here in your community, but you can also help stop the demand. The profile of the average man that pays for sex in the UK is a 30 something, married, mortgage-paying man. Sadly you may even be married to, or know someone who uses trafficked women; 1 in 10 men in the UK has bought sex at some point in their life.


With over 70 establishments selling sex in Croydon (for example) the problem is rampant.

The consequences of men using trafficked women will affect you as well. If we allow the problem to continue, Croydon will become an increasingly unsafe place for women to be. More and more men will be de-sensitised to the injustice of exploiting women and using them for their own pleasure. Your partner could even spend time in prison because sex with a trafficked woman is rape. Then of course there is the disease that they could pass on, not to mention the families and relationships that they could break up.


If you think your partner, husband or male friend might be illegally using a trafficked woman, take action.


Contact CCAT: and we can put you in touch with a counsellor who can chat you through the best way to deal with your situation.


Contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111: and tell them about what you suspect or know about women who may be trapped or guys that may be raping trafficked women. This is a confidential and anonymous hotline.


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